About Us

Film Injected has a global team of shooters and directors who can come to any location and organise a professional film shoot. To ensure everyone is on the same page all of the details are available online for you and your crew to access and discuss at anytime. Our production manager will liaise with you and your team ahead of the shoot and organise for the crew to be at the location you select, at the right time, with all of the necessary equipment.

Your dedicated editor will comb through the footage and creatively produce a complete video. They will look after the music, graphics, on screen text and any other elements included in your video plan. Our production manager will oversee this process and ensure that it is produced to a high standard and is completely inline with your brief.

Our service allows you to review your video and provide feedback online, enabling seamless collaboration with colleagues and the production team. The editor will upload the draft video to your project where you and the others involved can view it. Feedback is posted online for the editor who will then make the changes quickly and post the new video for review.

about us

We understand the importance of having the right visualization for your task. Unlike many other studios we don't charge fees for all the changes that are required for a finished product. we have a ONE FEE policy. Whatever we charge you on our quotes is the price you pay at the end. PLEASE NOTE: we do have some limitations on this policy.

Just need us for certain elements of your project, we are happy to help with your needs, and can work with any other agency or studio and budget.