Behind the Scenes

So...many people watch the "making of" of movies on DVD's and think it would be so much fun making a movie or music video, well it can be sometimes. Most television commercials involve us being on location at 2am. Music videos are no exception, on average your there from 2am till 12am. We need to have sets ready, deal with the grip truck, make up artists, talent, do quick test shots, re-arrange shots with the director deal with technical issues and the list goes on and on.

But it also can be fun. I have been on so many shoots that just about everyone of them have been fun. It beats any other job I can think of, except being the host of TOP GEAR. Every job is always educational and you always learn something new. You can never say you know everything about doing video production. You will always be faced with a problem and will always need to come up with solutions fast.

Music videos require audio playback so many times it can almost get unbearable. Feature films can be almost the same, actors need to get their lines right, horror films can take up to hours to re shoot a 5sec scene, as the make up team needs to take time to re do the blood and guts. "LIVE" events you must always be sharp as you only get one take.


Our facilities are equipped with MAC, PC & SGI systems. Our systems are up to date with all the latest gear. Whether you need graphics, audio, editing or some killer visual effects, we can cater for all your needs. An if you need some more powerful processing power, we can link you upto to some of the most advanced "Rendering Farms" to get your project done. We run on ADOBE systems, FCP X, Pro Tools and AVID software.

behind the scenes