Cinema Advertising

Want to be in the movies?
Now you can be. We offer a variety of services that can help you display your product/services in your local cinema. We offer a variety of packages to suit your budget and needs. Whether you need help designing, producing or booking ad time we can help you.


Cinema advertising is perfect for companies who want to reach their community. Your ads don't need to be sophisticated; they just need to leave an impression. With cinema advertising your audience can't change the channel. And with today’s technology, cinema advertising has become more affordable than ever. We can get you into from as little as 1 screen to thousands of screens. Let us handle the work for you, after all that's what we do.

behind the scenes

Why not work with the people who specialize in design, graphics and video production. Not only do we work on films, TV commercials, and music videos to corporate videos, but also we understand your needs and what it takes to deliver a worthwhile product. Do let you next ad be created by your neighbor, or your nephew just to save a few bucks. Contact Film Injected, we'll get it right the first time every time.

We don't offer prices as everyones needs are different. It's like asking how much to build a house?... Well how big do you want the house to be?.

At Film Injected, our pricing is based on YOUR budget. When you tell us what you need we can the quote you correctly for your needs. If we had a fixed price it wouldn't make sense to everyone. For example: if you just wanted a 10 sec graphic ad, your price would be different to a 15 sec video ad.

Advertising is not a complete finished product that you can just put a price on. It is a series of different stages, ther might be some things you need and don't. Why should you pay for the things you dont need.

We can create your ad from start to finish if need be. Just need one thing? We do the following:

Script Development
Voice Overs
Color Correction
Mastering & Finishing

If you need something not listed, please feel free to contact us your needs. Don't settle for boring ads or templates, go with the company that creates 100% original work.