Understanding Music Video Production

Making music videos is not an easy task. A good video can make or break a band. And if your reading this i'm sure you know the difference between a big budget music video and a cheap one.

HOWEVER...a small budget can often look like a big budget video as well. At Film Injected, we put the same effort into all our music videos. But lets be realistic a $500 music video looks like a $500 video regardless.

We understand that there a lot of upcoming bands, and money is scarce for the music video, so we will work with you to help get a quality product. We can do $2k or a $1mil video, it all depends on what you want.

Remeber this, asking how much a music video costs, is like asking a builder how much to build a house!!!
It all depends on what you want. We can give you a starting price, but you need to tell us the rest.

Below is a list of information you need to let us know if your interested in getting a music video. This will help let us know what is possible and what is not.

music videos

When contacting us please let us know the following:

  • Your budget
  • Do you have a concept
  • How long is your song
  • Do we need to build props
  • Do you have a location
  • Do you need a Make Up artist.
  • Do you need special effects

This little bit of infomation can help us a lot and be more accurate in giving you a price. Our work is very high end, and we take it seriously. If your just after something cheap and nasty...we are not the people for you.

music videos

Facts about Music Videos & YOUTUBE

YOUTUBE is a great platform to expose yourself to the masses. However the myth about having any type of video compared to a proper video isn't a fine line . A music video not only shows how you present yourself but also that you care about your work. Just because you have a great song and a bad video doesn't really mean you'll get famous or signed by a record label. At the same time were not saying you need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a video, but the better you can get to looking good, the better it is for you.

Making a video

We have worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, and we have worked with nobodies who have become international sensations. Making a music video takes time and a lot of preperation. It's like your song it takes a lot to perfect it. One thing that always bothers us producers, is why everyone thinks music videos need to be costly? Well it just does, every little thing you need for a music video costs money. Below is a realistic break down of how a much a music video can cost.

  • Producer / Director - ($500 - $10,000) a day
  • D.P (Cameraman) - ($800 - $4,000) a day
  • Lighting ($500 - $15,000) a day
  • Make Up artist (avg $400 - $500) a day
  • A small crew ($400+) a day
  • Location (studio) $400 - $20,000) a day
  • Editing ($500+)
  • Colorist ($1000+)
  • Craft services - catering ($500+)

So you see it just keeps adding up no music video is really a one size fits all deal. So if you can get a package deal TAKE IT.

There is so much more to write about this...but you probably wouldn't read it all. It can be very over whelming. Want to see what $2k gets you started with? Click here